Sean Qureshi

Systems Engineering Development =

Twenty years ago, I wrote my absolute first piece of code in visual basic. I was a child then, given access to his dad's old computer who managed to install a now ancient copy of visual studio. I started by following tutorials to build things that seemed interesting and grew up into an adult with a passion for all things technology.

Ten years ago, I took programming classes and self-taught myself Python, realizing just how many amazing things I could accomplish with the skill. Four years afterward I was combining my development skills with my growing systems engineering skills to improve everything I helped develop and manage, and haven't stopped since.


I have 6+ years as a Site Reliability Engineer and are highly skilled at deployments (Jenkins, Travis), configuration management (Puppet, Salt), container orchestration (Docker in kubernetes), and database management (Postgres, MongoDB) across a wide variety of cloud infrastructure (aws, GCE, Azure) and Linux on bare metal.

I also have 10+ years of experience writing and using Python, 6+ years professionally, and have worked on countless open source and work-related projects using both Perforce and Git on different occasions. I'm also experienced in both full stack web design and Golang, being versed in best practices, web application security, and RESTful API design.

  • Python, HTML/CSS/JS, Golang
  • Network and application security
  • Systems engineering
  • Cloud services + Linux on metal
  • Highly available deployments
  • API design


While I couldn't possibly show off every project I've worked on, I've compiled a collection of ones I'm proud of.



Cryptographically secure identity system over DNS, with a fully featured web interface.



An easy to use Python library to securely make authenticated requests and manage identity data for ToxMe.



A virtual machine written in RPython designed to run Python bytecode.



Proven manifest system and utility for ensuring complete authenticity between installed builds and a manifest, written in mostly Golang and a little objective C


Raw Github

Clone of RawGit designed to fix various header issues, while delivering objects faster. Featured a site that did page reloads that didn't dump the existing dom, but modified divs.



Python web application server, fully modular while featuring things like live reload, and custom html tags for doing stuff like cookie banners, localization, etc based on location.